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Chip level repair
Chip level repair
Laptop Scren Repairs
Laptop Scren Repairs
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Data Recovery

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We specialise in the repair of all makes and models of laptops.

A new identity …and even better value!


For almost 12 years, The Laptopstore has been serving the needs of Bangalore’s IT users, but it’s time for a change!


We’ve decided to bring our identity bang up to date and more into line with today’s needs by adopting a new name – The LaptopStore. Our group has grown consistently year after year and now includes a small business support service and retail outlet, but laptop and PC repair and upgrade remains our core business.We are committed to giving our customers higher levels of satisfaction – with a faster turnaround driven by our new workshop management programme and better value from our updated and transparent pricing policy.


Laptop screen repairs

A broken or damaged screen does not have to mean the end of your laptop’s life. With replacement screen prices now at an all time low, we can simply fit a new screen at a fraction of the cost of a new laptop. If your screen isn’t damaged, but has problems such as poor levels of brightness or intermittent flickers, we can generally resolve these using our industry-standard diagnostic process, and our in house expertise – again, at fraction of the cost of replacement.


Power socket replace

One of the most common repairs we carry out is to broken power sockets, normally caused by moving or dropping the laptop whilst still connected to the mains adaptor. We remove the old socket and replace with a brand new one, using our advanced soldering station. This relatively straightforward repair provides a massive saving against the alternatives, such as cost of a replacement motherboard.


Keyboard repair/replace

Laptop keyboards can fail or malfunction for many reasons – from lost or damaged keys to the accidental misuse by children, including deposits of sticky substances! Most keyboard faults can usually be corrected simply and quickly and, even when a new keyboard is required, at a reasonable cost. We also hold a limited range of used keyboards for popular models, and you may be able to take advantage of that even more cost-effective solution.


Hard drive replacement

Laptops are designed to be portable, but moving them around whilst powered up can play havoc with the internal hard drive. The hard drive can often be the first and, as the guardian of your valuable files, the most critical part to fail. We carry stock of a range of laptop hard drives and can carry out this repair in a professional and speedy manner.


System reload

There are many important reasons why you may need to reload your system.


  • After a bad virus infection
  • Physical damage to the drive
  • Corrupt files
  • Registry damage
  • A slow running system

We will re-load your computer with your original licensed software and configure all hardware with the latest drivers, updates, service packs and patches and leave you with a fully functional and updated tool.


Spillage estimates

Why is always me, just enjoying my second glass of coffee, and the cat jumps over my laptop knocking my wine over the keyboard? If it does happen to you:


  • STOP right there and turn off the power
  • tip your laptop upside down and remove the battery
  • bring it straight to us
  • This will give us the best chance of rescuing your laptop from certain death.


Seriously, if you act swiftly, we have a good chance of repairing your laptop – but do move quickly!


Recover lost files

Any one who has experienced working away on the last page of a 10-page document when the blue ‘screen of death’ appears, will know what frustration really is. The laptop simply will not re-start and you panic over the loss of your documents, photos and music! Recovering your lost files can be a tricky business, but with a combination of industry standard software in our data recovery platform, and our workshop skills, we can usually find and recover lost files. Once recovered, we can copy to any removable media, such as DVD, CDROM or external HDD – alternatively, we can recover the files back to your new system.


Motherboard repairs

Motherboard faults often seem to result in a recommendation to replace, rather than repair – unfortunately this type of repair can often exceed the cost of a new laptop. We will always try to repair motherboards, by replacing components and resolving many of the most frequent problems. This is generally more cost-effective than the cost of a replacement motherboard and certainly a lot cheaper than buying a new laptop.


Virus removal

New and more potent viruses are released almost daily, making it a difficult task to stay on top of all the methods required to remove these serious pests. Even with the best security software, infections can attack your system and cause havoc with your files – slowing your computer down or bringing it  to a standstill. In our workshops, we can remove the large majority of these infections and bring your system back to good health.